LDV Capital

Digital live scribing

An annual LDV Vision Summit brings industry experts, entrepreneurs, researches, investors, media executives, creatives and startups from across the world to New York to share knowledge and open discussions about the artificial intelligence, innovation, computer vision and visual technology since 2014. LDV Capital invests in people building businesses powered by visual technologies. Since its inception LDV Vision Summit has been the premier global gathering in visual tech. 

Voice in Shape team works with LDV Vission Summit in New York during their events to help them engage their audience at the real time of their events. Digital scribing takes over a big screen behind the panelists, where the stories and ideas shared are being visualised live in front of the audience. 

Such visual aid is a great 'wow' factor. But more importantly, it helps to capture the core essence of the panels and keynotes and make the ideas sharable. As a final result, we create infographics that are later used for further marketing and content share online and on social media.


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